About Alamgirians


Chairman Message

Alamgirian Association is a fraternity of patriotic, warm hearted, caring and helping old boys who spent their formative years in Military College Jhelum. Military College Jhelum to its credit has many brave sons of soil; many of them laid down their precious life for motherland and are decorated with the highest awards of the country, many others have risen to the higher ranks and have served motherland in a manner others would follow. The alumni also boasts of producing luminaries in all walks of life including, scientists, professors, engineers, diplomats, civil servants and others. We all love this institution which has nurtured and parented us during the most important years of our life. A cradle of knowledge for us. We learnt honesty and patriotism, we learnt modesty and humbleness, we learnt to help others and we learnt to be a useful citizen. These deep imprints are permanently etched in our minds and have guided us throughout our life.


The purpose of this Association is to revive the sweet memories. We cherish those moments and our heart goes out to revive them. We meet together and we laugh and share together; we help each other where we can. It is all about camaraderie, caring and remembering each other. We visit the college and we meet our friends and it rejuvenates us and we are filled with new life ready to face further challenges of life.


Let us all join together in making this organization to be living and breathing full of life. Let us spread love and affection and let us radiate happiness. Let us be together and make our few moments more pleasant than they would otherwise be. Let us work together to make this Association flourish.


Military College Jehlum Zindabad!
Pakistan Paindabad!