About Us
We are now a registered social welfare organization with its Secretariat (Head office) at UG 131, Defense Residency, AlGhurair Giga Complex, DHA II, Islamabad. We aim to foster friendship, comradeship, esprit de corps and encourage wellbeing and togetherness among all our brothers who studied in Military College Sarai Alamgir (Jhelum) irrespective of the time period he was there in the college. 

Alamgirian Association History (Background)
A General Meeting of the Military College Old Boys Association was held on 4th October 1968. The meeting was attended by 176 ex-students, members of the then staff of the College, and several members of ex-staff includ¬ing two Commandants, Brig Muhammad Rafiq and Lt Col M Sardar Khan. Among the oldest Alamgirians present were Maj Gen Rakhman Gul, Maj Gen Khuda Dad, Maj Gen Muhammad Akbar Khan, Brig Sultan Muhammad (Retd), Brig Abbas Beg (Retd), Brig Muhammad Aslam, Brig Muhammad Bashir, Brig Amir Jan and Brig Muhammad Sadiq Khan. Brig Sultan Muhammad (College No:2) chaired the meeting, which unanimously approved the re-designation of ‘Old Boys Association’ as “The Alamgirians Association”.

How Does the Association Work?
We have an Executive Committee (EC) to monitor, manage, lay down policies and coordinate all the affairs of the Association. Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all members is regularly held to see the overall state of the Association and approve financial state, major policies and matters of overall interest. All this is governed by the approved constitution of the Alamgirians Association.  A central secretariat has been established at DHA II, ISLAMABAD to manage and coordinate all the affairs on behalf of the EC/AGM.

  • All the data as available in the records at MCJ has been retrieved and kept class/entry-wise.
  • Zones are established in all major cities and abroad to organize get-togethers and other activities through the zonal committees.
  • We encourage class/entry meetings/get-togethers; the data can be obtained from the secretariat.
  • Official WhatsApp groups are created to afford inter-group communication and common sharing.
  • We have the website to afford data entry, updating, and search facility to look for our friends who are lost since we were together at the MCJ many years back.

How Does the Association Facilitate Members to Interact With Us/Each Other?
Alamgirians Association is a union of brotherhood and sharing common values, virtues, character traits, and norms that we were taught by the MCJ. We are working as per the constitution of the Alamgirians Association, approved by the Executive committee, and finally the AGM on 15 Sep 2015. We facilitate members to interact with us/each other as follows:

  • Zonal meetings/activities: Zones have been established in all major cities to afford get-togethers at least twice in a year to be organized by the zonal committees. 
  • Class/Entry Get-togethers: We encourage class get-togethers. Every entry to appoint 4/5 class coordinators, who would arrange meetings as per the wish of their classmates. (Please intimate names to secretariat). They may also create a class/entry WhatsApp group.
  • Reunions (after every four years): Held once every four years; would be combined with College raising day/parents day and AGM.
  • Annual General Meetings: Held every year, combined with College raising day/parents day.
  • Working Group Meetings: Held informally, in secretariat once every month, available EC members and other available members to attend to discuss improvements in Association working.
  • Management Committee Meetings: It meets as often as required to solve and decide the immediate nature of association matters. Attendance of all the EC members is not required.
  • Executive Committee Meeting: Formal meeting of apex committee, held twice in a year. Members- Chairman, V/Chairman, Secy Gen, Secy Secretariat, members fin, IT, Legal, Welfare, Comdt MCJ and Presidents of all the Zones or their reps to attend.
  • Council of Patrons: Once a year, Chairman, V/Chairman, Secy Gen, Members Fin, IT, Legal, Welfare, Comdt MCJ all the ex-Chairmen and others on an invitation to attend.
  • Facebook/emails: Secretariat encourages all already created groups.
  • WhatsApp Groups: Official WhatsApp groups, for each zone, is “Alamgirians with the zone suffix” to it, eg “Alamgirians Rawalpindi”, Alamgirians North America” etc have been created to help interaction and communication within Zones. Sanctity, serenity, and decency are mandatory. Rude /offensive language, obscenity, commercial dealings, and being personal has to be avoided and not allowed.
  • Likewise, WhatsApp groups for every class group (entry) may be created to be managed and run by the class through their coordinators.
  • Alamgirians website: Alamgirians website. Secretariat website are””, “” and”
  • Communication: All ex-students must register to formally become members of the Association, all communication would be mostly through emails.

Alamgirians Association Zones/Zonal Offices:
We have established zonal offices at all important cities in Pakistan and two chapters outside Pakistan eg UK&EU and North America (USA & Canada)

  • Rawalpindi.
  • Peshawar.
  • Taxila/Wah.
  • Jhelum/Chakwal (in process).
  • Sialkot/Gujranwala (in process).
  • Lahore.
  • Multan.
  • Karachi.
  • Quetta/Baluchistan.
  • UK & EU. 
  • North America.

Alamgirians Secretariat:
Alamgirians Association office, in its present location, was inaugurated on 17 May 2015 and it is fully functional since 28 July 2015 (pictorial story).

Office Timings. Saturday and Sundays are normal working days and timings have been kept as such, to facilitate visit of our members even after working hours: 

Sat – Wed:1000 – 1600 hrs
Thursday: 1000 – 1300 hrs
Friday: Closed

UG 131, Defense Residency,
Al-Ghurair Giga Complex.
Telephone: 051- 4918297